How long does it take to create a whiteboard animation?

The length of time for the complete development process can range from anything from several days to several months. Everything from the development of the storyboard to the inspiration of the script needs to be accounted for and as such creating a powerful, moving and authentic whiteboard animation video can take some time.

If you can master all of these steps and combine that into a powerful high converting marketing video for your company then you are guaranteed to have amazing successes with your video.

The length of time for a whiteboard animation is largely dependent on the company you choose to work with. Some companies accepts very little money for their work and provide very fast, but poor quality work and as such these poorly designed videos can be created within a week.

For something complicated and thoughtful however, you can expect to wait between three and four weeks from the time when you deposit money into the company’s account and when they delivered video to your email.


Of course the length of the desired video is also a massive factor that has to be accounted for. A two-minute video will obviously take longer to make than a one-minute video and as such you have to take this into consideration when estimating the amount of time it will take to create a video.

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